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General Care

General care is the term used for caring for the most common foot problems including but not limited to ingrown toenails, blisters, warts, corns, calluses, nail infection, foot infections, smelly feet and  dry or cracked skin, If you have any foot discomfort, please visit us at your earliest convenience.

Sport Injury and Rehabilitation

Sports injury caused by all number of sports need attention almost immediately this includes Achilles Tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis, stress fractures,  ankle sprains, neuroma, heel spur and other injuries caused by sports. Should you have any sports related injuries, please contact us to arrange a full assessment and treatment methods best suited to your diagnosis

Nail Surgery

Severe ingrown toenails, especially those that become infected often need nail surgery. The surgical procedure involves the use of local anasthesia which means that the area will be numbed so you will not feel any pain while having the procedure. Surgery may include wedge resection, toenail removal with or without matrixectomy. Your podiatrist will discuss these options with you before any procedure is completed.

CAD CAM Orthotics

Orthotics are prescribed to address various foot problems including the correction of foot deformities, helping the foot or ankle to function better, providing ankle support or reducing risks of further sports injuries. Orthotics are custom made for your feet using the latest CAD Cam technology.

Diabetic Foot Screening

Foot problems are common in patients with diabetes. A diabetic foot screening allows us to identify and screen patients with diabetes and reduce the risk of foot complication by providing education of proper foot care and good glycaemic control. Those patients who are at risk are referred for early intervention care and treatment.

Referral Networking

Lawrence Atrash, Podiatrist works with a team of sports injury professionals and provides a holistic service which involves the expertise of chiropractors, biokineticists, dieticians, general practitioners and orthopedic surgeons.